NBR Install $1,100+ NBR is a seamless technique to get the hair you've always wanted. No glue. No tape. Just beads and string. Everything is customizable from length, to thickness, to color, and even texture.

Wear your hair up in a pony without anyone ever knowing you actually have hair extensions. Its weightless capabilities offers you the best technique ever.

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Foil. Balayage.
$125+ Get your bomb hair color here. And just like Jimmy Johns, you get free smells too.

Ardor+Grit offers the best and most creative color options for your beautiful head of hair. Don't believe us? Bet.

If you're ready to take the leap and join in on the fun then...
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+ Hybrid
$50+ Are you sick and tired of putting mascara on and wiping it off at the end of your day? Try lash extensions. Whether you need to be super extra, or a little extra- this will give you time back in the morning, and you'll already have half your morning routine done. lets Goooooooo!
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